Friday, December 27, 2013

Ten mile creek snow melt.

     Ten mile today was high and the water clarity was perfect.  Which is why I was suprised that I didn't catch a fish.  I stripped junk of all different sizes and colors hoping to hook into something, anything, some sauger, bass, the occasional trout or maybe even a muskie.  Sad to report, nothing.  I have to say I am not suprised after speaking with a friend of mine from the Isaac Walton League who stops by the house almost weekly to take water samples.  I was informed that they had not stocked the trout for the annual kids fishing competition in October,  which is anticipated by many every year (including myself).  The water condition is not to standard to be healthy for the trout.  The Ph balance and conductivity of the water is way off, and I know many species of fish will chase but not take under these condtions. I am impressed by the dedication of this man and others to consistently check the Ph balances amongst other things in different places on many different creeks.  The main goal is to keep tabs on big business in the area, coal mines, gas well companies, and the state.  I am glad that there is an organization out there dedicated to this and am sure going to join next year.  
    I am not sure, but I am under the impression that they are still going to stock and still have the kids tournament.  Now this is stocked by the league due to the fact that it is not state-approved trout waters.  I fish it a lot and feel that it would be a great fisherie, not that it isn't already.  But I feel with a little help from the state it could be great.  Now that could have a upside and a downside, seeing as we have all been to Linden and other creeks around the area that are comparible to amusement parks on the first weekend of trout season.  I feel that the imprint left on these enviroments from this is detrimental.  I typically try to avoid these places that time of year.  I have a pretty good feeling Ten Mile would turn into that.  
     Does anyone else have anything to add to this post? Feel free.  Opinions are welcomed, especially from those familiar with the Ten Mile area.  


  1. I want to find my Ten Mile Creek fishing contest T-shirt now:). Sis

  2. I think what makes that stretch of Ten Mile special, for trout at least, is that it's not a state project. As you mentioned, Linden, and many of the other places in the area are pretty much wiped out by the opening day crowds. It's sad fishing them the weeks after and have to step over empty cigarette packs, beer cans, and nightcrawler containers left by the masses who make their one day pilgrimage to trout fish.

    It's a shame that there aren't more delayed harvest/special regulation areas around here that would extend the season for anglers who aren't looking to see how fast they can catch their limit on powerbait and go home. With PA eliminating their fall stream stockings in Washington County, the actual fishing season is drastically reduced.

    While I can appreciate all kinds of fishing, it would be nice if all fishermen appreciated the environment.

  3. I totally agree Rob, and I feel that is saddening to see how people treat the habitat that they are there to enjoy. Living pretty much right on Ten Mile I see how quickly it becomes trashed again after the Green County Corrections work crew comes in and cleans it up. I guess I never thought of it before but that, two or three, mile stretch of river would be a perfect candidate for a delayed harvest area. Great idea!!!

  4. Jess if you find that shirt you need to let me know.