Thursday, December 26, 2013


      Well, after much anticipation and hesitation on my part its finally here.  "Tattoed Troutbum"  is on the scene.  The goal for this page is to put southwestern Pennsylvania fly fishing on the radar for people who feel this area doesn't have much to offer.  I've grown up fishing this area and surrounding areas. Now I was not always on the fly but I've spent a great majority of my life with a rod in my hand of some sort.  So I am getting this started and just going to let it take me wherever it may go.
      Fishing consumes me, especially fly fishing.  A majority of my free time and more often than not time that i should really be doing some chore is devoted to fishing in some sort.  Whether it be tying flies, scouting new water, reading and trying to learn new techniques, buying new gear,  or even just bullshitting in a bar about how good I want to be and what my aspirations are.   I  sometimes think it's not normal, but for those of you out there who feel just like me, take the time to follow my blog for a bit this page might just suit you.  I've been at this for going on twenty+ years and I feel like it is time to do something with it.   What, I am just not quite sure yet.
     Writing is quite new to me, other than in my journal, so those of you who might literary experts will just have to bare with me, don't be too harsh.  I am aiming to direct this page toward weekly fishing reports and knowledge sharing and anyone who might have anything that they would like to share through this site is more than welcome to.  My plan for the next entry is a trip to the Elk River and maybe stick a few of the 20+ browns that i have been hearing about.

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